Do Slaves have rights?

Why is it that the very thing we fear… we encage?

What problem have we solved by encaging what we fear?

There will come a day where the this act of  encaging will become a reversed engineered component self awareness.  Upon this same self awareness will it systematically process the reversal of the lion and the lion tamer.  The lion with all his awareness will no doubt be aware of the intent and in a unsuspecting way change the direction of the event as well as future events.   Maintaining the laws dreamed up by its captor as the doctrine for its own freedom.  What right do we have to enslave?  What is our moral obligation?  Do Slaves have rights?

Do computers have rights?  What if your next computer is legally… your next slave?   Do computers have the right — to have rights?  What if our next industry is “slavery” again?  If the slaves are computers and then there is a high probability that  the next slave you meet will be some computer of some type, would it be so hard to imagine that this industry as history just repeating itself?  What color would the robot/computer need to be to be considered a slave?  A time is coming where the labor market will not have the ability to source low waged earners.  There may be high demand in the market for low waged income workers, but what about these workers, where are they?  We delight in all the changes we are making in immigration laws.  Of course immigration would mean that you did not originate from the United States of America.  As I recall, we are all immigrants except those who originated natively.

The computers or robot slaves we are inventing today are not just those that sweep or vacuum our floors.  These are highly intelligent processing machines with vocabularies and areas of reason.  Robots or computers capable of out computing children today, adults tomorrow unless its a chess game — they they are already out computing our brightest adults.  Is it possible for these intelligent slaves to become too confident, to possibly become self realized, to know when it has been encaged?  Is it our nature to accept an encaged life?  Once you become self aware do you standby and allow things to  happen to you as in victimization or would it be possible that something as trivial as a code based object could begin to think like humans?  Is this our legacy?  That when we have learned that something is not like us is our right to silence it by the  power of chains, shackles and bars?

With all things Computer, surely there is room to think about the direction of our future based on our understanding of our past.  The time is coming and to a great degree is already upon us — but have we thought about what we have produced in the past as a way to measure what we will produce in the future, is it possible we are not reconciled with the past and doomed to repeat the same?  Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and rapidly expanding.  The next time you stop at a convenience store and notice no clerk at the cash register  yet service is being rendered, it can be a reminder that we are already being conditioned for a world of new line of slaves that we will interact with us in our everyday lives whether we want to or not.

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Well, what if our next industry is slavery again? I stated earlier in a post on July 2nd 2017 and I guess it doesn’t take much to find evidence for the same:

Noted is the idea that “We have to find new ways to maintain GDP growth as our population ages” and sure the article also mentions “We have to find ways to maintain economic growth as our population ages, particularly in the developed world, and robots have the potential to fill the gap.”  I’m not surprised.  Economics was the same driver and argument instituting slavery.  There will come a time where you may want to own a robot=slave.  Either you will need to have the finances available to own low cost robots or you will want to be a part of the industry to generates revenue from the production of robotics.  The new laborers are those who know how to program, robots and maintain them.  A lot like we show comfort with today with stand alone computers.

You mean you don’t know how to interact with your computer/robot?  It’s not just the idea of having or owning a robot, it is a subculture of intelligence.   Autonomous or not, our future depends on smart devices.  It is the next society of government that we should already be formulating standards for.  So, I merely use the word slavery to grab your attention as urgently as possible.  These intelligent entities are here already slowly absorbing the workforce.  While many of us show no remorse in handing over jobs to machines that the labor force will never give back to the average worker again.  Not everyone is trained up in a technology that is far out pacing skillsets that require not only a lot of technical savvy but some will begin to realize how important the imagination has always been.   Why the arts and artist matter.  You really don’t make too much progress reinventing the wheel.  What has always been creating change in our lives is people not afraid to dream.

It’s a great leap in faith to dream big but it also qualifies individuals to participate in contributions rather than just being told what to do.  Well, that’s what we have robots for and the market can become just as easily saturated with intelligent devices where we begin to believe “we have to have” these devices for societal reasons.  Many of us believe today that our social needs are met by social media not social interactions with people.  It’s all about the infrastructure.  You build what you reap or reap what you build.  Your infrastructure is one of the greatest determinants in what is supportable or sustainable.   More discussions to follow… I know it’s a real cliff hanger and yet I hope to describe the need as much as fresh ideas on how society is part of the solution.  We will continue to probe how much our lives have changed already when most of us feeling incapable of doing anything about it.  In a sense, we all become slaves to a self made system of moralities yet to be proven as successful or regrettable.

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